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Regular plaque and tarter removal from above and below the gum-line is critical in order to maintain the health and integrity of our teeth. When heavy loads of toxic bacteria are present in the mouth our teeth are prone to cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Regular scaling plaque removal can help prevent and slow these common dental diseases.

If your teeth/gums are typically quite sensitive during your dental cleanings we have multiple options to help. Our clinic can use needle-free numbing gels or full local anesthetic "freezing".

Our Fee*: $69.86/Unit   

Alberta Fee Guide**: $80.30/Unit

Each Unit is 15min.

Stain Removal/Polish

In order to remove stubborn stains from your teeth it may be indicated to perform a polishing treatment. Different lifestyle factors usually determine how quickly we accumulate stain such as tobacco use, marijuana use, coffee, tea and red wine consumption.

Our Fee*: $60.81

Alberta Fee Guide**: $71.54


Professional topical fluoride treatments are designed to re-mineralize enamel in areas where cavities are starting to form. We offer both varnish "paint on" versions as well as trays with foam.

Our Fee*: $29.46

Alberta Fee Guide**: $34.66

Stain Removal/Polish

Teeth Whitening

Wicked White in-office professional teeth whitening sessions. Clients must meet eligibility criteria.*

Full Session (1.5hr appointment with a take-home touch up pen): *$185.00 + tax

Mini Session (30min appointment): *$65.00 + tax

*Must be over 16yrs old. Not suitable for anyone pregnant/breastfeeding or those with large, sensitive cavities or severely inflamed gums.  Complete hygiene therapy (cleaning)  must be done within 3mths (at our clinic or elsewhere). Facial restorations & certain enamel defects will NOT change color with whitening- this may present a contraindication. Certain health conditions may indicate a consult with hygienist and/or physician prior to treatment.



Certain teeth may be more sensitive to cold foods and drinks. These areas are commonly where you may have gum recession or on a tooth that has recently had a large filling done. We can apply a formula that can help alleviate this discomfort.

Our Fee*: $29.00

Digital X-Rays

Radiographs (x-rays) may be required to assess the bone health surrounding your teeth and to ensure tarter build-up is being properly scaled off. These x-rays can be sent to any dentist (for no charge & at your request) whenever you are due for a dental exam or sooner if we detect an urgent need to see a dentist.

Our Fee*: $46.41 (2 BW's)

Alberta Fee Guide**: $54.60 (2BW's)


*Fees at our office are subject to change at any time but are typically updated Jan. 1 of each year.

**Based on the 2024 Alberta Dental Fee Guide- Visiting the Dentist (

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